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Doctoral students

Mr. Ratnadeep Samanta (Jan 2021 onwards) - PMRF

M.E in Production Technology from Jadavpur University

Thesis topic: Slippery liquid infused porous ceramics



Ms. Anjali (Jan 2023 onwards)

M.Tech in Machine Design, NIT Warrangal

Thesis topic: Tribological properties of textured surfaces


Mr. Rakesh Choubey (Jan 2023 onwards)

M. Tech, Materials Engineering, IIT Gandhinagar (re-joined for Ph.D.)

Thesis topic: Wetting properties of Bauhinia leaves

B. Tech, Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University


M.Sc./M.Tech students

Deven photo.JPG

Mr. Deven Deepak Birje (Aug 2022 - July 2024)

Current: M.Sc., Physics

B.Sc.: Physics, Fergusson College, Pune (2019-2022)

Email id: 


Mr. Narayana Ganesh (Aug 2023 - July 2025)

 JAIST-IITGN Dual Degree Program

B.Tech: Anna University

Email id: 


Mr. Jeet N Mevawala (Aug 2022 - July 2024)


Co-Supervisor: Prof. Manish Kumar, Civil Engineering

M.Tech area: Tribological properties of PTFE based seismic isoalators  

Email id: 

shivam panchal tiff photo.tiff

Mr. Shivakumar Panchal (Aug 2023 - July 2025)


Thesis area: Milk repellent surfaces

B. Tech: M.S University Baroda, Metallurgical and materials science. 

Email id:

Sadbavana Sahu.jpg

Ms. Sadbavana Sahu (Aug 2023 - July 2024)


Thesis area: Milk repellent surfaces 

Email id:


Postdoctoral researchers

  • Dr. Sanjay Gopaldas Chaudhri was a postdoctoral researcher from 02 Aug 2021-15 Jan 2022. 

  • Dr. Ankitkumar Kansara was a postdoctoral researcher from 01 June-19 Oct 2022. 

  • Dr. Srinadh Mattaparthi was postdoctoral researcher from 21 Aug 2020-20 Dec 2022. Currently working as incubation manager at Karnavati university, Gujarat. 

​M. Tech & M.Sc. graduates

  1. Ms. Mrunal Chavan defended her M. Sc. thesis in July 2023. Co-Supervisor: Prof. Leslee Lazar, Cognitive Sciences, IITGN.

  2. Mr. Rakesh Choubey defended his M. Tech thesis titled "Rain-repellency and droplet bouncing properties of Bauhinia leaves in natural and laboratory environmental conditions", on Jan 06, 2023. He re-joined our group for pursuing his Ph.D. studies. 

  3. Mr. Amay Gupta defended his M. Tech thesis titled "Development and tribological characterizations of a small-scale sliding isolation bearing" in July 2022. Supervisor: Dr. Manish Kumar & co-supervisor: Dr. Sriharitha Rowthu, IIT Gandhinagar. He will be heading to Larsen & Toubro, Mumbai. 

Summer Research Interns

  1. Mr. Subbhu Karthick S M, UG student  at NIT Tiruchirappalli did SRIP project during May-June, 2023.

  2. Mr. Khagesh Yarapathini, UG student at NIT Raipur did SRIP project during May-June, 2023.

  3. Mr. Deven Birje, M.Sc. student at IIT Gandhinagar did SRIP project during May-June, 2023.

  4. Mr. Vishal Jaiswal, UG student at NIT Durgapur did SRIP project during May-June,2022.

  5. Mr. Deepak Kumar, UG student at BIT Ranchi did SRIP project during May-June, 2022.

  6. Ms. Shejina M, UG student at IIT Gandhinagar did SRIP project during May-June, 2022.

  7. Ms. Purnima Satapathy, UG student at NIT Rourkela did SRIP project during Mya-June, 2022.

  8. Mr. Ritoban Ghosh, was a summer intern during 17 May-31 Oct 2022 through SRIP program, IIT Gandhinagar. Heading to USA for pursuing doctoral studies. 

  9. Ms. Sweta Gupta, UG intern, IITGN (2020 summer).

  10. Ms. Archita V, B. Tech student at NIT Trichy: Did her remote internship project during 24 April-4 July, and 1-14 Aug 2020. Co-supervisor: Dr. Sreeram Kalapathy, IIT Madras

  11. Mr. Adithyan Annamalai, B. Tech, Thiagarajar College of Engineering: Did his remote internship during April-June, 2020.


  1. Dr. Swathi E., senior research fellow from March to May 2022. 

  2. Mr. Dhyanesh Bhaskaran, IITGN UG alumnus. Did his MSE 399 project during Jan-May 2021. Currently at University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign for pursuing masters degree. 

  3. Mr. Dhrmendra Sablaniya, IITGN UG alumnus, Research assistant (Sep 14, 2020-April 2021). Currently doing M. Tech at IIT Kanpur.

  4. Mr. Dhananjay Singh, UG student, IITGN. Did a semester project MSE 399 during Jan-May, 2021.

  5. Mr. Deepak Prajapati, Ph.D. student, IITGN. Did a semester (IN 791) project during Jan-May, 2020.

  6. Mr. Abhijeet Ojha, Ph.D. student, IITGN:  Was a research associate during Feb 15- June 15, 2020.

  7. Mr. Kunwar Shivam Pratap, B. Tech, IITGN:  Did his B. Tech project during Jan-May 2020.

  8. Mr. Anurag Singhania, masters student at EPFL, Switzerland: Carried out his internship between Aug 2019-Jan 2020. Co-supervisor: Prof. Patrik Hoffmann, Empa Thun, Switzerland

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