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FML group news!

March 2024

  • Dr. Sriharitha Rowthu delivered a keynote talk on "Urine and Feces Repellent Nano Cement Surfaces", Ceramics for Frontier Sectors: Emerging Advances and Prospects (CerAP), 11-12 March 2024, organized by The American Ceramic Society & IIT Roorkee. 

December 2023

  • Dr. Sriharitha Rowthu delivered a keynote talk on “Friction and wear properties of PTFE-SS316 for seismic isolation applications”, 9th International Congress on Computational Mechanics and Simulations (ICCMS), 22 Dec 2023, organized by IIT Gandhinagar.

November 2023

  • Mr. Ratnadeep Samanta received best poster award at PG research showcase at IIT Gandhinagar. Heartiest Congratulations.

October 2023

  • Dr. Manish Kumar (PI), Dr. Sriharitha Rowthu (co-PI) will be developing PTFE composites for Seismic isolation devices in collaboration with Harsha Engineers. LinkedIn News

  • Mr. Ratnadeep Samanta's SEM image has been awarded the 3rd prize in International Metallographic Society (IMS) by ASM International 2023 in "Color Artistic Microscopy". Heartiest Congratulations.

September 2023

  • Mr. Narayana Ganesh joined as an M. Tech student in our group. We are also very proud of him as he has been selected for the prestigious JAIST double degree program, for pursuing M. Tech at IITGN and M.Sc. at Japan Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (JAIST). Our heartiest congratulations to you Narayana! LinkedIn News

  • Our collaborative research that was published in ACS Applied Polymer Materials has been featured as cover page and also in ACS Headline News! Congratulations to all the authors.

  • Dr. Sriharitha Rowthu (PI) and Dr. Naran Pindoriya (co-PI) signed an MoA with Elmex Controls Pvt. Ltd. under the association of IEEMA-TISCO to develop ZnO surge protection devices indigenously.  News Coverage LinkedIn News

April 2023

  • Mr. Ratnadeep Samanta and Ms. Anjali have successfully passed the "Certification in Scientific Writing", IIT Gandhinagar, Sem II 2022-2023. Many congratulations to both! List of awardees

  • Dr. Sriharitha Rowthu delivered a keynote talk on "Nature inspired superhydrophobic cement surfaces" at Amalgam, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering department, IIT Madras, 21-23 April, 2023. 

  • Dr. Sriharitha Rowthu chaired the "Functional Materials" session at Amalgam, 21-23 April 2023, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, IIT Madras.

March 2023

  • Mr. Deven Birje, Physics discipline have joined the group to pursue their M.Sc. thesis.

  • Ms. Mrunal Chavan, M.Sc. student from Cognitive Sciences discipline joined FML for completing the M.Sc. thesis work. Supervisor: Prof. Leslee Lazar and co-supervisor: Prof. Sriharitha Rowthu 

January 2023

  • Mr. Imran Khan, Mr. Rakesh Choubey have re-joined the group as Ph.D. students

  • 10 microscopy images were selected from our FML laboratory work as Nanoartography finalists, 2022, competition conducted by Drexel university. The instagram page is

December 2022

  • Prof. Sriharitha Rowthu co-chaired the session "Soft thin films" at Compflu, Dec 19-21, 2022, organized by IIT Kharagpur and Indian Rheological Society (IRS) along with Prof. Rabibrata Mukherjee.

  • Mr. Imran Khan (JRF) delivered an oral talk titled "Chemical etching of AA-5083 and studying wetting properties", co-authored by Prof. Sriharitha Rowthu, in the session "Advanced Manufacturing & Processing" at Compflu, Dec 19-21, 2022. 

  • Prof. Sriharitha Rowthu presented a poster titled "Crack-free porous ZrO2 blocks using in-situ formation of MgO", co-authored by Dr. Ankitkumar Kansara, Mr. Ratnadeep Samanta and Dr. Sanjay G. Chaudhari in the session "Suspensions and Colloids session" at Compflu, Dec 19-21, 2022. 

November 2022

  • Prof. Sriharitha Rowthu delivered an invited talk on "Tribological Properties of Alumina Matrix Composites", 16 Nov 2022, AICTE-Faculty Development Programme, organized by IIT Tirupati. 

October 2022

  • Prof. Sriharitha Rowthu delivered an invited talk titled "Non-wetting Al 5083 alloys" co-authored by Mr. Nishkarsh Srivastav and Mr. Aaqib Khan at AMPCO 2022 (Advances in Materials & Processing: Challenges & Opportunities), IIT Roorkee, 17-19, 2022.

  • Prof. Sriharitha Rowthu co-chaired the "Powder Technology" session at AMPCO, IIT Roorkee, 17-19, 2022.

  • Prof. Sriharitha Rowthu chaired the "Young Researcher Talks" and co-judged at AMPCO, IIT Roorkee, 17-19, 2022.

  • Prof. Sriharitha Rowthu served as a judge for the posters in "Materials for Sustainability" session, IIT Roorkee, 17-19 Oct, 2022.  PDF of TECHNICAL PROGRAM

  • Mr. Omkar Sahu joins the FML on 21 Oct, 2022 to pursue his M. Tech thesis. A warm welcome to him to the group!

  • Dr. Ankitkumar Kansara moved to Germany for pursuing his second postdoctoral fellowship. 

September 2022

  • The funding proposal titled "Multifaceted Analysis of Archaeological Ceramics from the Historic City of Vadnagar" was accepted. Funding agency: Gujarat State Archaeology. PI: Prof. V. N. Prabhakar, co-PIs: Prof. Sriharitha Rowthu and Dr. Ravi Kant.

July 2022

  • Mr. Amay Gupta defended his M. Tech thesis titled "Development and tribological characterizations of a small-scale sliding isolation bearing". Supervisor: Dr. Manish Kumar, co-supervisor: Dr. Sriharitha Rowthu. 

June 2022

  • Dr. Sriharitha Rowthu received an appreciation letter from The Dean Academics for the UG course "Corrosion and degradation of Materials (MSE 302)", Jan-April 2022.

April 2022

  • Mr. Ratnadeep Samanta received the prestigious Prime Minister Research Fellowship (PMRF)

  • Dr. Srinadh Mattaparthi's paper on "Non-toxic self-cleaning large area cement blocks fabrication by biomimicking superhydrophobic periwinkle flowers" was accepted in Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects journal, 2022. Hearty congratulations to him and all the co-authors. This is a fruitful collaborative work done with Prof. Sreeram K. Kalpathy, IIT Madras. Link to publication is

Jan 2022

  • Mr. Deepak Prajapati published a paper in Surfaces and Interfaces journal. This work is from his semester project work done at FML. Hearty congratulations Deepak! In fact, this is the first paper from FML after it's inception at IITGN! Link to publication is

Dec 2021

  • 6 group members presented oral and posters at Complex Fluids e-conference 2021, organized by IITGN & Indian Rheological Society (IRS).

  • Sriharitha Rowthu served as the co-chair for the session "Interfaces, wetting & adhesion" together with Prof. Rabibrata Mukherjee ​in the Complex Fluids e-conference 2021, organized by IITGN & Indian Rheological Society (IRS).


May 2021

  • New publication in Materials & Design journal has been accepted on May 06th. Link

  • Ms. Priya Mandal joins the FML on May 17th as a senior research associate on the SERB-SRG project. Excited to have you in the group!

March 2021

  • Mr. Rakesh Choubey joins the FML group to pursue his M. Tech thesis from March 1st. A very warm welcome!

  • Mr. Nikhil Venkat Cherukupally joined FML on March 1st to do 3 months project at FML. Previously, he pursued his masters at IISC Bangalore. Welcome to the FML family!

  • Mr. Deepak Prajapati (Ph.D. student in the discipline) and Mr. Smit Patel (B. Tech student) grabbed a total of 4 awards in the International Sci Art Competition held by INYAS 2021. Awards announced at INYAS and facebook.

  • Prof. Sriharitha Rowthu along with Dr. Manish Kumar (PI) and Prof. Durgesh C. Rai have received funding from DDP-DST for a total amount of 63,77,941 Rs.

February 2021

  • Prof. Sriharitha Rowthu has served as an external examiner for PhD thesis defense of Ms. Aarthy E on "Multiwavelength Polarimetry of Astrophysical Sources", PRL, Ahmedabad pursued under guidance of Prof. Santosh Vadawale.

January 2021

  • Mr. Ratnadeep Samanta has joined Materials Engineering and FML on Jan 01, 2021 to pursue his doctoral studies. He did his M. Tech from Jadavapur university. A very warm welcome!

  • Mr. Nishkarsh Srivastav, Ph.D. student of Materials Engineering discipline has joined FML to carry out his semester project on corrosion properties of Al alloys.  Welcome to FML!

  • Mr. Dhyanesh B, B. Tech student has joined FML to carry out his semester research project on literature survey of superhydrophobic polymers.  Warm welcome!

  • Mr. Dhanajay Singh, B. Tech student has joined FML to carry out his semester research project on food packaging literature survey. He will work in a team comprising of Ms. Sweta Gupta and Mr. Rohit Gahlot.  A special welcome!

December 2020

  • Dr. Sriharitha Rowthu has presented an invited lecture at Soft Matter: Young Investigators e-Meet (SYMIM); jointly organized by IISC Bangalore & IIT Bombay, Dec 03-05, 2020. Talk available at

  • We published a journal paper "Pt catalytic effects on the corrosion and hydrogen chemisorption properties of Zircaloy-2", Journal of Nuclear Materials, 2021, 544, 152716.

  • Dr. Srinadh Mattaparthi has presented a poster "Biomimcking Superhydrophobic Periwinkle Flowers (Catharanthus Roseus)" at Complex Fluids e-meet, organized by IIT Bombay, Dec 10-12, 2020, India.

  • Deepak Prajapati has presented a poster "Wetting investigations of banana leaves" at Complex Fluids e-Meet, organized by IIT Bombay, Dec 10-12, 2020, India.

October 2020

  • Prof. Sriharitha Rowthu served as a Ph.D. Final Defense Committee (FDC) member of Mr. Swaroop Chakraborty, Materials Engineering (formerly called as Materials Science and Engineering), IIT Gandhinagar on 12 October, 2020.

September 2020

  • Mr. Dharmendra Sablaniya has re-joined our group as a research assistant starting from Sep 14, 2020 for a period of 3 months

August 2020

  • Dr. Srinadh Mattaparthi (Ph.D. graduate from IIT Hyderabad) has joined FML on August 21, 2020 as a postdoctoral researcher

  • Dr. Sriharitha Rowthu served as an external examiner of Ph.D. viva of Mr. Shantharama, IIT Madras, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering on August 28, 2020.

July 2020

  • Dr. Sriharitha Rowthu served as a Ph.D. Final Defense Committee (FDC) member of Ms. Deepa Dixit, Chemical Engineering, IIT Gandhinagar on July 15, 2020.

  • Mr. Adithyan, Ms. Sweta and Ms. Archita have officially completed their summer remote internships.

May 2020

  • Dr. Sriharitha Rowthu's Internal proposal at IIT Gandhinagar has been approved on 22 May.

April 2020

  • Ms. Archita V, NIT Trichy joins as a remote intern on April 24 at FML and co-supervised by Dr. Sreeram Kalapathy, IIT Madras

  • Ms. Sweta Gupta joins FML as a remote intern on April 24

March 2020

  • Mr. Adithyan Annamalai, Anna university joins as a remote intern at FML on March 24

February 2020

  • Co-organized the Annual Picnic of IITGN together with Prof. Aksha Vatwani and Prof. Arnab Saha

  • Mr. Abhijeet Ojha has joined FML on February 15 as a short term research associate

January 2020

  • Teaching begins for a UG elective "Transport Phenomena in Materials Engineering"

  • Mr. Dharmendra Sablaniya and Mr. Shivam Gupta join FML to do their independent semester projects in their final year UG

  • Mr. Deepak Prajapathi joins FML to do his independent semester project for his Ph.D. program

  • Dr. Sriharitha presented a seminar at IISC Bangalore in the Materials Engineering Department on Jan 27

December 2019

  • Functional Materials Laboratory commences on 06 Dec 2019

  • Dr. Sriharitha Rowthu receives the Excellence in Research Fellowship from IITGN-from Dec 2019

  • Dr. Sriharitha Rowthu joins the organizing team of Compflu 2020-2021 conference to be held at IITGN

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