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Accessible equipment​

Below are some of the accessible equipment for our group. The instruments are categorized as:


(1) Sample preparation units: Spin coater, cutting machines, cold hydraulic press, sintering furnaces, hot embosser, ultrasonic probe, slurry roller, polishing machines.​


(2) Characterizations: SEM, stylus profilometer, FTIR, optical microscope, confocal microscope, hardness, particle size analyzer, BET, density kit, high precision weighing balance, DSC.​


(3) Functional properties testing: Multifunctional Tribometer, Contact angle goniometer, Droplet normal adhesion in-house built setup, UV-Visible spectrometer.

​​​​​​​​​​​Central Instrumentation Facilities (CIF) at IITGN

Multifunctional MFT-5000 Tribometer
(Rtec Instruments)

Contact angle goniometer 

(Krüss DSA-25, 155 fps)


Spin Coater

Spin coater_Navson.jpg

Hydraulic cold press
(P < 20 kg/cm2)

Cold press_2.jpg

Probe Sonicator

Ultrasonic probe.jpg

Epoxy mounting equipment

Hot mounting press_1.jpg

Muffle furnace
(T  up to 1200 °C)

Muffle furnace_1_edited.jpg

Vacuum muffle furnace (Nabertherm, T < 1100 °C)

Automatic polisher

(Buehler AutoMet 250)

Stylus-based Profilometer

(Bruker DektakXT, Contact mode, depth resolution: 10 nm)


(Perkin Elmer- Spectrum Two)

Low speed Cutter

(Buehler IsoMet, < 300 rpm)

Weighing balance

(precision of 10-6 g)

Dynamic light scattering

(Malvern, 1 nm-10 microns)

Optical microscope



Confocal microscope

(Leica TCS SP8, wavelengths = 458, 488, 514, 561, 633 nm, 140 nm lateral resolution)

Abrasive cutter

(< 2800 rpm)

Cutting machine

Manual polisher

Vickers hardness indenter

(MicroMach, 10-1000 g)

UV-Visible spectroscope

(Perkin Elmer-Lamda 365)

Differe​ntial Scanning calorimeter

(Perkin Elmer-DSC 8000, -180°C to 750°C)

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